Service Description Regular Fee

Discounted Fee

w/ Dental Pass

Percent Savings
Periodic Oral Evaluation $69Free (Two Annually)100%
Intraoral Complete Film Series$130.00Free (Once Annually)


Oral Hygiene Instruction$52.00Free100%
Emergency Exam$76.00Free100%
Dental Panoramic Film$120.00$78.00


Cone Beam CT$580.00$335.0042%
Resin One Surface-Anterior$160.00$83.0048%
Resin Three Surfaces-Anterior$245.00$123.0050%
Inlay, Metallic, One Surface$821.00$633.0023%
Crown Porcelain w/ Noble Metal$1,053.00$684.0035%
Endodontic Treatment - Anterior$730.00$429.0041%
Root Canal Therapy - 3 Canals$1,013.00$599.0041%
Crown Lengthening$761.00$439.0042%
Periodontal Scaling & Root$256.00$133.0048%
Full Mouth Debridement$182.00$133.0027%
Dentures - Complete Maxillary$1,676.00$968.0042%
Dentures - Complete Mandible$1,687.00$970.2042%
Dentures - immediate Maxillary$1,798.00$974.6046%
Bridge - Porcelain High Noble$1,108.00$638.00


Bridge Porcelain Noble Metal$1,055.00$612.0042%
Bridge Resin w/ noble Metal$1,075.00$612.0043%
Maryland Bridge$835.00$399.0052%
Prefab Post & Core$342.00$199.0042%
Bridge Repair$386.00$228.0041%
Extraction - Erupted Tooth$170.00$99.0042%
Impacted Tooth Removal - Soft Tissue$312.00$183.0041%
Impacted Tooth Removal - Part Bony$394.00$239.0039%

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Sample Fee Schedule

Based on area average of dental fees

Note: This is a dental discount plan and not a dental insurance.

Disclaimer: Dental Pass prices does not apply to specialists

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