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Low Cost

No Deductibles

No Maximums

Accepted in over 15 locations

Free Service include

1. Bitewing x-rays

2. Oral exams

3. Hygiene instructions


Savings up to 50% off of typical fees


Annual cost for membership:

1. Individual: $129.99/Year

2. Couple:     $199.99/Year

3. Family:      $249.99/Year


Plan Overview

Note: This is a dental discount plan and not a dental insurance.

Disclaimer: Dental Pass prices does not apply to specialists

Our in-house Dental Discount Plan designed with you in mind

Enjoy Free Services

No cost for X-rays or oral exams

Start Savings

Savings begin immediately.  


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Three Easy Steps

We at Two Rivers Dental are offering something new and unique to our patients who either do not have a dental insurance or find it difficult to afford dental care. Our aim is to provide quality dental care at an affordable price. As the rest of health care cost continues to increase, our in-house dental plan (mydentalpass) provides substantial savings over the typical fees